EMAlert: GMA + Battelle Partnership

Economically Motivated Adulteration Vulnerability Assessment Tool

Economically motivated adulteration (EMA) is an established threat to grocery manufacturers. GMA and Battelle have partnered to provide EMAlert,  a secure, comprehensive and intuitive software tool that enables food manufacturers to rapidly analyze and understand EMA vulnerabilities. EMAlert  produces quantitative vulnerability results, allowing for the prioritization of mitigation efforts associated with EMA threats.

The EMAlert tool, aids in compliance with new FSMA requirements and provides quantitative vulnerability results, enabling industry to make informed decisions and develop mitigation strategies to combat the threat of EMA.

An electronic, simple, and easy-to-user GUI will be developed for allowing for rapid analysis and improved understanding of EMA threats.
The EMA VAT tool is web-hosted, making it easily accessible for members with a computer and an internet connection. To ensure user data is upheld to the highest standards of security, a multi-level authentication and encryption approach will be employed.
Commodity-attribute data is continously updated from the sources and reflected in real-time in the EMA VAT.
Commodity-attribute data is continously updated from the sources and reflected in real-time in the EMA VAT.
EMAlert provides a quantitative estimate of an organization’s vulnerability to economically motivated adulteration for each commodity included in the analysis based on a combination of characteristic attributes of each commodity and subject matter expert (SME) opinion as to how important those attributes are in predicting which commodities are more likely to be adulterated for economic reasons.
Automated Live Commodity - Attribute Data
Characteristic attributes that drive a fraudster’s decision to adulterate a commodity are continuously updated at defined intervals through numerous online websites and databases to support the best possible assessment of EMA vulnerabilities.
SME-based Importance of Attributes
Users of the tool (SMEs) weight the attributes based on their expert opinion as to how important those attributes are in predicting which commodities are more likely to be adulterated for economic reasons
Behavioral Model
Understanding the behavior of fraudsters is an important part of estimating the vulnerability of EMA to the supply chain. The behavioral model translates the factors involved in fraudster decision making (the attributes) and the SME-based importance of the attributes into meaningful mathematical structures for calculation and analysis.
Quantitative Vulnerability Results
Quantitative vulnerability results help users to effectively prioritize and rank mitigation efforts associated with economically motivated adulteration.
Video overview of the EMA VAT
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Key Features GMA + Battelle EMAlert SSAFE Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment
Results Format Interactive
Number of User Inputs Required 13
(12 attribute weights + 1 uncertainty factory)
Number of Commodities Assessed per Analysis 50
(in v1.0 - easily expandable)
Relies on SME-based Inputs yes yes
Incorporates Historic EMA Incidents yes -
Generates Results Documentation yes (customizable) yes (static)
Automatically Utilizes Up-to-Date Commodity-Attribute Data from Multiple Sources yes -
Store and View Past Analyses yes yes
Provide Side-by-Side Comparison of Multiple Analyses yes -
Based on World-Class Modeling Expertise Relied upon by the Department of Homeland Security yes -
EMAlert is the only vulnerability assessment tool capable of pulling live commodity-specific data, keeping you up-to-date with just one click!
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